Pic of the Day: McG’s Sexy 300ZX TwinTurbo

October 18, 2011

You know how there are certain cars within our vehicular landscape (or in this case, circle of friends) that seem to emanate an indescribably powerful presence and pull at your attention-strings with the greatest of ease…? An object of someone’s obvious love, care, childhood dreams and persistent dedication that has been meticulously explored, researched and respected…? Where trial and error intermingle with the bonds formed from explosive success and DIY pride… But over a 10-year period…? And with the same car…?

The gorgeous 1992 Nissan 300zx TwinTurbo you see here on this page is a byproduct of those exact, time-honoured ingredients. One that retains an almost mythical stature for yours-truly, as for as long as I’ve known our own McG (7+ years..?) somehow I’ve never driven, let alone even ridden in it…

For me, it’s almost the equivalent of a real-life pin-up that you gaze at with monumental respect and endlessly ponder over the tasty plethora of details. I’ve seen what it can do on the road (which is quite frankly, shocking… in the most jaw-dropping sense of the word) so I can only imagine what it must be like to be buckled-in, riding shotgun within the beast itself (‘incredibly terrifying, immensely visceral and massive fun’ – as informed to me by le-girlfriend from le past).

Our McG was but a wee 15 year-old sprout (can I call you that..?) when he first received a ride in a 300zxTT. Needless to say, he was hooked after that first proper on-board exposure. Fast-forward approx 10 years later and McG finds this exquisite, 100% bone-stock ZX with 125K km’s on the clock.

From there… well, as has always been the case with the vast array of tuning potentiality and significant upgrades available (and open) for Nissan’s near-bulletproof TT V6, the depth of possibilities for unleashing the car’s true spirit and abilities becomes a near-essential craft in itself. I mean c’mon, it’s like the production-car version was designed to be fettled with in the most-applicable of manners after leaving the factory. Anyone who’s owned a Skyline GT-S/R will know what I’m on about… The potential for improved power/suspension/braking/etc. upgrades was vast and almost a given.

And McG’s Z hasn’t been spared in this ever-evolving department either – the sheer list alone of all-around performance upgrades during his 10-year ownership is quite staggering, yet completely beneficial towards the intimacy of the driving experience and its outwardly expression. Only the best performance upgrade products have adorned this Z. So how about just the basics then: Original stock engine (now with 240K km’s) pumping out a useable 525 rwhp and 510 lbs/ft of torque on race fuel… (475 bhp/475 lbs/ft on the regular pump juice)… Insane.

One day, I know the stars will align in such a way to allow a passenger-ride (or drive..?!) in McG’s beautiful TT Zed, but until that day comes, I’ll be content to bask in the anticipation that’s been brewing and nurturing for the past 7 years or so… His Z is a glowing (literally) testament to the uniquely rare relationships we build, form and bond with our vehicular dreams and engineering passions… and I respect and admire that to an infinte end.

-Blake J.

Photo by: ZenjoPhoto.com

*** Link to various high-res versions! *** >>> Here

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