McLaren MP4-12C: Mansory Works Their Magic

March 1, 2012

Aaah Mansory… Love ’em or loathe ’em, the German tuners always manage to serve up something that prompts immediate reactions from auto enthusiasts – either via shielding their eyes, staring in half-chuckling amazement or by simply clicking the ‘share’ button… of which I’m sure their latest go at the MP4-12C will illicit similar responses.

But ‘instant reactions’ is what Mansory is all about; boldly standing out in a crowd full of pablum-faced dullies and brushing away the conventional safety taste-nets that inhabit our motoring world… (at least that’s what I believe Mansory-owners tell themselves…) And yet, going by past efforts, this offering from Mansory almost seems watered-down and far less flamboyant… It should be violent purple with orange ostrich-hide accents and have matte gold, everywhere…

Set for unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show, what we have here is their latest creation in the form of a heavily carbon-fibre’d (the mirror housings, wings, roof, front and rear apron), be-winged, blinged, tuned and re-sculpted MP4-12C – essentially, a ‘styling showcase’ to advertise their (many) various mods made available for the new McLaren. The car’s bodywork is 60mm wider than before and downforce is increased thanks to the various splitters and big wing out back. Also, Mansory claims their new side-sill design ‘steadies the airflow between the two axles’… just like a racecar..!

Tuning for the MP4-12C arrives in the form of an altered air filter, engine re-management and exhaust system to assist in the 670 bhp / 498 lb ft output to the wheels which, of course, have been enlarged to 20″ and 21″ respectively. 220 mph is said to be the Mansory MP4-12C’s new top speed now as well, which is only relevant if you live near one of the 2 or 3 places in the world where such speeds can be (somewhat-safely) achieved…

All in, not quite the blatantly vulgar look-at-ME offering that we’ve become accustomed to from the bespoke/visionary Mansory folks whenever an over-indulged ‘showcase’ creation is rolled out from them… Un-click some of those styling options from the build-spec sheet and you’d almost have a pretty tasty-looking McLaren on your hands. Mansory going slightly soft and displaying a new maturity on us…?!? Good heavens…

-Blake J.

Illuminated Tires: Time For A Comeback…?

January 30, 2012

When Goodyear introduced these (highly experimental) illuminated tires back in 1961, the general consensus was that they were a bit silly and entertaining, yet ultimately pointless… They’re even named as one of the top-50 ‘Dumb Inventions’ according to recent ‘experts’ in the field of, er… dumb things… But if they were introduced today… ?! ?!

Hmm… I’m rather baffled that the tuner/blingy/slammy/look-at-me crowd hasn’t, at the very least, evolved this 50+ y/o idea within their heavily-influential show-car domain… Alas, the show-car realm is as far as the tech and laws would allow such a thing, given the fact that properly modern road-legal rubber simply could not be illuminated from within in such a way. Yet still, the fact that there hasn’t been any advancements or evolution in the (again, slightly silly and pointless, yet entertaining) updating of the idea, in this day and age, seems odd.

They even came in different colours - how unnecessarily cool.

Originally constructed by a single piece of synthetic rubber and lit-up by bulbs mounted on the inside of the rims, methinks an updated rendition/idea of this would fit right in with the burgeoning form-over-function fanaticism of recent times… The possibilities for bespoke ideas with illuminated choreography (set to music, etc.) alone would light up the eyes of many a keener…

C’mon, Tuners of the world, show us your flashy rubber…!

-Blake J.

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