Motoring Humour: Miata ‘Not Gay’ T-shirt

January 10, 2012

I saw this yesterday on the interweb during my usual combing-thru process and I couldn’t help but share it with you all…

And the best part is, it’s REAL…! You can buy it for your Miata-aficianado friend (or for yourself) direct from the Touge Speed Shop.

We need more motoring-humour like this in life please and thank you…

-Blake J.


A.I. Wardrobe: T-shirt Shopping for Petrolheads

October 20, 2011

Fall and Winter may be fast approaching but now’s a better time than ever to expand upon and update your automotive garb for the upcoming seasons. Plus, there’s always a Birthday (even your own) along with the annual gift-giving Holidays to think about as well…

Automotive-themed clothing is, of course, a purely personal matter of expressional taste and style but here we present you with a large assortment of unique offerings from various companies to possibly whet your appetite and imagination with. **Click on the price links to view alternate colour options…!

Let us know what you think… If you dig this, we’ll do more. Maybe jackets and jammies next time…?!

Slick Attire

-Quattriffic – “The Audi Quattro rewrote the rule book when it burst onto the rally scene in the early 80s. The first rally car to exploit four wheel drive, it won countless rallies and epitomised the wild Group B era. By 1984 it had evolved into the short wheelbase Quattro Sport version, which we’ve immortalised in cotton here for you”. From 20 GBP

-Winging It – “Today’s F1 cars have a pleathora of sneaky little aero devices littered all over them. Things were a bit more crude in 1969. Back then McLaren whacked two massive wings on their car, one over each axle, plus a couple more on the nosecone for good measure. Unsurprisingly, the scrutineers thought this a bit much and subsequently banned the potential guillotine sited above the driver on this M7C-1”. From 19 GBP

-Can-Am – “This North American racing series saw the creation of some pretty wild machines – as long as it had two seats and enclosed wheels pretty much anything else was legal. Crazy fuel-injected McLarens, tiny UOP Shadows, 1,000 BHP Porche 917s, they all starred in this series which ran from 1966 to 1974”. From 18 GBP

-Air-Cooled 911 – “Some hold the view that the only place for water in a Porsche is in the washer bottle. I don’t know about that, but I do know those 70’s 934 racers looked pretty stunning, especially from the elevated viewpoint depicted on this t-shirt”. From 18 GBP

-Yella Peril Corvette – “The Corvette C6R has won fans at circuits around the world thanks to it’s throbbing V8 voice. It’s not just a dragster though with many wins, including a class victory at Le Mans, amongst it’s achievements. We thought we’d have a bit of fun with this one and depict it in a wild Ed Roth style”. From 18 GBP

-F1 Turbo Era 77-88 – “The 80’s brought us some dubious fashions, peculiar pop music and spectacular racing cars. The 1000+ horsepower F1 cars ruled the roost, and this BMW-powered Brabham BT50 was amongst those spittin’ flames and sparkin’ back in 1982”. From 18 GBP

-Citroen Deesse – “The Citroen DS was so advanced it still looks futuristic, even today. The ‘DS’ name was a Gallic pun (‘DÈÈsse’ being French for ‘Goddess’), so we thought it was only right to adorn our tribute shirt with a Goddess of its own”. From 18 GBP

-Silk Cut Jaguar – “It was a popular victory (amongst us Brits at least) in 1988, when the Jaguar team broke Porsche’s Le Mans stranglehold. Here’s our tribute to the plucky Browns Lane boys”. From 20 GBP

-Maison Blanche Hoodie/T-shirt – “The Porsche Curves of the current Le Mans circuit are fast enough, but before they were built the circuit had a very tricky section known as ‘Maison Blanche’. Nowadays it’s just a campsite so the only danger there is the local pykies nicking your BBQ. Here’s our tribute to the ghosts of Le Mans past”. From 17 GBP

-High Carb Diet – “We’re not talkin’ potatoes, rice or pasta here, we mean lovely, big, juicy carburretors. (twin Webers, if I’m not mistaken). Yum, yum”. From 17 GBP

-Dab Of Oppo – “Produced in conjunction with Sniff Petrol, this shirt is a tribute to the descriptively over-indulgent (and fictional) motor journalist Troy Queef. A ‘Dab of Oppo’ is what he gives it on a regular basis and also the name of the mag he writes for. If you’ve no idea what we’re on about, check him out on Sniff Petrol dot com. From 17 GBP

Wheel Whores

-I Heart Stretch – “Got a fetish for tight rubber? Obsessed with an uber tight fit? Then this one’s for you. Made from the usual high-quality 100% cotton this is another cult shirt for any wheel/tyre connoisseur”. From 20 GBP

-Wheel Hoards Black & Gold – “These are for the super whores, the big ballers, high rollers, hoop hoarders. Let the world know you’ve got money to burn on wheels…. you’re a true VIP. You’ve been there, done that and are blatantly wearing the t-shirt! 100% cotton”. Also available in Hot Pink/Black and Black/Orange From 25 GBP

Lowly Gentlemen (restocks coming soon)

-Search And Restore – Finely detailed T-shirt here forming the basis of the lovely 3-piece wheel… From $27

-Stanceworks Classic V-neck – One for the slammed aficianodos… From $27

-Low Is A Lifestyle – Fairly self-explanatory..! From $27

-British Mini Racecar – Classy and faded for that proper look… From $27


-Rover Metro 6R4 Group B – “That does not look like the Metro I took my road-test in”. The iconic Group B warrior immortalised in a familiar leaping fashion… From 20 GBP

-Lancia Delta Integrale EVO – “The first, the one, the only, EVO”. Simplicity at its finest here… From 20 GBP

-Lancia Stratos – “The Lancia Statos was a rally legend and one of our all time favourites, this t shirt is our tribute, wear it with pride”. I agree…! From 20 GBP

-Ford Escort MK2 Rally – “As a young lad, all I wanted was an Escort Mexico like the bloke down the road, I’m still working on it, but I’ve got the T-shirt!”. I’ve always wanted to own one of these iconic Fords as well… From 20 GBP


-Curva Parabolica Monza – “08 Parabolica pays homage to the most famous (and best named) bend of one of the world’s fastest racing circuits. Brake from over 200 mph to 120 mph in under a second, hang on like grim death and accelerate out onto the home straight in front of 50,000 screaming tifosi…  3 colour screen print onto heavyweight soft cotton”. Also available in Blue long-sleeve… From 25 GBP

-Blake J.

Funny Photo Caption Contest Winners

July 4, 2011

Last week held a funny photo caption contest and the best captions wins an AutoInjected T-shirt and stickers! The winners are Greg, John and Stephanie. They will be receiving TWO T-shirts and many cool stickers!

Here’s where all the fun happened on

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