Le Mans 1961: A Short Film By Triumph

March 20, 2012

One for the Vintage Racing/Le Mans enthusiasts – A fantastically intimate and detailed 34-min short-film of the 1961 race as captured by a film crew commissioned by the British Triumph Works team… Amazing to be reminded of how only 2 drivers per team split the entire 24 hours of driving between them back then.

Brilliant stuff…. enjoy..!

-Blake J.

The Napier Bentley: Smoke and Mortars Show

January 12, 2012

Re-built in 1968 on the chassis of a 1929 8-litre Bentley, this Napier/Bentley utilises a 24-litre, 550 bhp, up-to 1400lb ft of torque (!) Napier Sea Lion W12 aeroplane engine to readily transform the rear tires into gobs of smoke and molasses…

Hell bent...

I’ve been fortunate enough to witness it in action before – It sounds like Armageddon.

Some video action now… First up, an oddly spliced-together vid showing the same Brooklands hill climb scene all edited together to form one.

Next up, shooting flames in Liverpool, England…

And the wonderful grand finale of mortars, smoke and Spitfires…

-Blake J.

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