Aston Martin: The ‘Ultimate’ Special Edition DBS

May 9, 2012

The current Aston Martin DB9/DBS shape is one of those automotive-landscape entities that has, undoubtedly, garnered deserved praise for its elegantly stunning and aggressively handsome design flourishes ever since its 2004 debut. It will, without fail, go down as one of the most beautiful sports/GT-cars ever made.

Just last night, during my usual evening stroll, I was taken aback by the sight of a lone, granite-grey DB9 parked up all by itself along one of the many quietly-curving, tree-lined streets that make up my old-money/Mansion-infested neighborhood. Point being, the DB9 still manages to stop me dead in my tracks and forces me to drink it all in… again… and again.

So it goes without saying that the eventual successor to the current DB9/DBS will have quite a job on its hands in keeping faithful to the beautiful mark that has been undeniably stamped onto the automotive scene. Said replacement will see the light of day sometime next year (probably) so it’s no surprise that there will be several ‘run-out’ Special Edition versions of the DB9/DBS cocktail forthcoming until then – the ‘Ultimate’ DBS, pictured, is the latest.

Only 100 ‘Ultimate’ DBS variants will be made and the features are, as usual with most run-out special editions, mostly cosmetic. Each Ultimate DBS will be individually numbered and identified by bespoke badging, loads of carbon fibre, shadowy grilles and tail-lamps, diamond-quilted stitching on your leather seats with either silver or red thread and your choice of red, yellow or black-painted calipers to complete the ‘Ultimate’ finishing touches…

Exterior paint colours offered are Carbon Black II, Quantum Silver, or Silver Fox – so basically Black, Grey or Silver. Both Coupe and Volante body styles are offered as well as either Automatic or Manual transmissions…

Hmmm… Silver-Fox DBS Ultimate with red calipers and red stitching being nursed through a Manual gearbox – yes, please.

-Blake J.

Unveiled: Lotus Evora GTE by ‘Swizz Beatz’

December 6, 2011

The time has arrived… The moment we’ve been waiting for is here… The man specifically hired by Lotus CEO, Dany Bahar, to take Lotus deeper into the urban realms of cool has collaborated with the Hethel sportscar concern to produce, in his own words, ‘the first colour-chrome car in the world..!’… Rrrright then.

And that, ladies and gents, is exactly what the ‘Swizz Beatz Special Edition’ Evora GTE is… a Lotus with some flashy paint (which might even be a wrap).

Now, on the face of it you wouldn’t be too far into the wrong by declaring all of this a bit daft, but when you consider that the GTE emits a healthy 444bhp from its V6 and has a sequential gearbox amongst other lightweight goodies, you almost sigh a bit of relief for Lotus’s most-powerful road-going production car ever built – The real important bits are still there and remain unchanged.

So yeah, Swizz, we don’t mind your… um, hard-work… one bit. We’re actually quite a-ok with just a bumper sticker and some pimpin’ paint…

-Blake J.

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