Honda UNI-CUB Personal Mobility Device: Here We Go Again…

May 15, 2012

The human race seems to be increasingly obsessed with making these pesky legs of ours largely redundant over time… if Honda has their way, that is.

Really now…?

Check out this ridiculous, living-in-a-bubble-world video where people straddle, well… electric saddles. One question though – stairs and curbs/edges more than 2″ tall… ? ? Hmm… methinks this is a ‘leave ’em where you found ’em’ sort of PMD – ie: rental/borrowing priveleges at say, the airport, for example…

For those further interested, the UNI-CUB has a 3.7 mile range and a top speed of (insert marketing fluff agenda) 3.7 mph…! Oh you nifty buggers, you… Yet, (as with the ill-fated Segway) this unit further continues the bold trend of emphasizing what an embarrassingly lazy (and smug) bag of bones you’ll look like… and become.

No thanks, Honda… I press the big, loud, red ‘X’ button on your ‘evolutional’ creation.

-Blake J.

Range Rover Evoque Convertible: Posh Pram Motoring Fun..!?

February 24, 2012

This isn’t a photoshop joke. This is real. This is the Range Rover Evoque Soft-top Concept set for its official debut at the upcoming Geneva Show…

Keen listeners during the Top Gear ‘news’ section from a very recent episode may have remembered there being mention of this creation as well. Shortly after hearing of such a thing I couldn’t help thinking how wonderfully goofy and welcomely silly I’d feel (and look) sitting in the backseat of one of these as it zoomed on by – most-likely harboured by memories of TG’s hilarious ‘convertible people-carrier’ piece from many years back as well…

It’s rather difficult to escape the image of little pegs plomped inside a great big-wheeled posh pram – I’d just constantly be laughing and waving my arms in the air like a carefree youngling on a sugar high.

Full colour rendering from the Auto Express folks...

Anyways, blatant silliness aside, Range Rover’s intent to “explore the potential for the world’s first premium convertible SUV” should easily gather some opinions on the matter… and I’m sure you have yours. Let’s hear it…!

-Blake J.

Car Commercials: When Cars Started… erm, Talking

January 19, 2012

The 1980’s were undeniably desperate and challenging times for the various American automakers. Ever since the previous decade’s fuel-crisis and the follow-up onslaught of frugally economical (and lightweight/well-built) cars from Japan, Korea and Europe showing up on Dealer forecourts (and eventually owner’s driveways), the American automaker was forced to change and adapt with the times or be left out wondering what happened to their once-burgeoning command of the home-market.

K.I.T.T. made it alright for cars to voice-up their opinions and concerns.

Yet as the 80’s wore on and the ‘Big-3’ of the North American auto-landscape caught on (sort of) to the public’s desires and wants and subsequently dished out lines of wheezing, comically-sprung and legislatively-enforced under-powered vehicles, the overall mood of the automotive arena (as mirrored in the advertisements of the day) started to… shift…. in a rather strange and almost unsettling way.

Herbie the Love Bug - Genesis

Suddenly, cars from all walks of makes were awarded oddly bespoke identities and even started voicing their way into owner’s daily-driven rituals (step forward, yappy Nissan 300zx of the late-80’s). The car commercials of the time even went one step further with this odd phenomenon…

Here we have two shining examples of this ‘new and playful identity’ via Ford in 1986 when vehicular advertisements were cresting the brink of becoming absolutely ridiculous…

-Blake J.

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