Classic Porsche Reborn: The Gullwing-America P/904 Carrera

March 5, 2012

The original Porsche 904 GTS Carrera of 1964/65 arrived at the tail-end of Porsche’s exiting from Formula 1 (in ’62) and set the stage for their ensuing dominance in subsequent road-racing efforts (take a long, well-deserved bow, Porsche 917). For homologation purposes, Porsche built 106 street-legal versions of the original 904, of which instantly deemed it a rather rare occurance to see one in-the-metal over the years…

The iconic 1964 Porsche 904 GTS

Since then, the 904 has gathered an almost legendary plume of respect and admiration amongst Porsche enthusiasts, collectors and race fans the world over. To own an original 904 would be a dream come true… To drive one would be a treat unlike any other, as the driving-legend himself, Walter Rohrl, found out last year…

Now though, Gullwing-America has unwrapped its modern-day take on the iconic 904 with its retro P/904 Carrera. Based on the 987 (’05-’11) Boxster platform, the P/904 retains the same 3.4L engine (rated at 295 bhp) and also borrows the same slick 6-speed manual transmission, the ABS and the power-steering unit to aid in the updating of a classic design flourished with modern-day familiarities.

Those modern-day ‘updates’ include a full instrument panel and center console with Sat-nav (GPS) and an iPod dock along with air conditioning as well. Bespoke seats, dashboard and steering wheel are also part of the unique 904 re-creation process. Outside, you’re treated to LED lights, a retractable rear-spoiler, a lowered ride-height and tasty 18″ Fuchs design wheels…

Cost for the total conversion comes in at a hefty 70,000 euros (approx $91,000) not including the donor porsche Boxster… but if you already own an ’05-’11 Boxster and you’re looking to ‘upgrade’ to something utterly unique, sexy and forever desireable then this might just be what you’re looking for… I mean c’mon…. Look at it…!!

-Blake J.

Lamborghini Miura – Taking a break (ie:broke down) in the Downtown core

September 8, 2011

Hot on the heels of the Lamborghini Superleggera feature yesterday, comes this – a broken-down Lamborghini Miura… Pardon me, I mean – the iconic, forever desireable, unbelievably beautiful and stunningly seducing V12’d Beast, the Lamborghini Miura… er, broken-down… in the Downtown core. Many would also argue towards it being the very first of the actual Supercar breed as well… but that’s for another story.

Sad Miura, out of petrol

Things always happen to me in this way – After coming up with the initial idea for the Superleggera piece, later that evening I went for a bike ride and what do I stumble across in traffic…? The very car used and photographed for the feature. Then yesterday evening, after publishing the Lambo piece here on A.I., I was returning home after a weeknight jaunt out to Porteau Cove and back with my local classic-BMW club when I noticed an obvious kerfuffle taking place up ahead at one of the downtown core’s busiest intersections.

Amazing how short the Miura is - a mere 51" from road to roofline

To my amazement, I noticed the instantly distinctive rump of a red Miura being pushed around a corner. Naturally, I pulled over to see if I could be of any assistance for the driver and the sexy Italian (odd that I was the only person to offer help – jeez this city is such a weird keep-to-myself city). Turns out it was one of the fellas from the local Lamborghini Dealership returning from an event, having a bit of a hard-luck day… Needless to say, a flatbed was on its way.

Don't worry li'l red Miura, help is on the way

So, being the ever-mindful online automotive enthusiast that I am, I ran back over to grab the digi-cam and snapped away… wouldn’t you…?


words/photos: Blake J.


Love love love the delicate A-pillars

Preparing to board the rescue ship


So stunning...

Take care beautiful Miura... *sniff*

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