The RWD Campaign: Toyota GT86 Twin Drift Session

February 7, 2012

Take two Toyota GT86’s, an empty parking lot and two professional, erm… ‘drifters’ and allow them to easily (and gracefully) demonstrate the benefits of a lightweight, adjustable chassis (devoid of unnecessary computers) on skinny tires… and of how much fun a RWD car with less than 200 bhp can be..!

-Blake J.

Pic of the Day: Parking Lot Insanity

November 30, 2011

Today’s POTD comes courtesy of the National Archives showing an overhead view of (I’m merely guessing) a prelude to an alarming end-of-day predicament.

This nearly-unbelievable scene was captured in Washington D.C in 1974 and the Tetris-like jumble detailed in the photo below was the direct result of a Bus Strike that saw over a quarter-of-a-million commuters resorting to their cars for their morning/daily travels.

I couldn’t even begin to imagine the level of congestion that arose… Would something like this even happen nowadays…?!


Blake J.

Mr.Bean being Classic!

July 20, 2011

Mr.Bean is one of those comedian/actor who doesn’t need to speak to be funny. In this video, staring Mr.Bean, it shows him in a parking lot trying to get out without paying any money.

A Rapper And A Toyota Prius – Music Video

June 14, 2011

Gangster’s Revolution. Times have changed from, driving around in gas guzzling beauties, into rolling around in your Toyota Prius. Now it’s about drivin’ down to Whole Foods for a wedge of Humboldt Fog cheese. Check out this music video!


Dumb and Dumber!

June 6, 2011

This guy gets caught on surveillance camera and luckily we all can see this. As the driver gets in front of the closed gateway, the driver gets out of his car and puts it on drive while running to open the gate. That is what I call dumb and dumber! Guess what happens? Click the on video to find out for yourself!

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