Rioter Fails To Jump Over A Burning Car – Vancouver Riot June 15, 2011

June 16, 2011

Vancouver did well in this hockey season and was just 1 game away from being Stanley Cup champions. Unfortunately they lost game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals on home ice and a riot broke towards the end of the third period. Vancouver’s police Chief Jim Chu blamed “anarchists and criminals” for the riot and said he was pleased with the way officers dealt with it. 99% of the people there were hockey fans and 1% of them were criminals. Furthermore, these hooligans had Molotov cocktails in their backpacks and was intending use them even if Canucks won or lost the game. City of Vancouver is blessed to have supportive people to help clean up after the riot. A Facebook Group was formed asking Vancouver citizens to help clean up the mess and already has more than 16,500 attendees with the number growing fast. Here’s a video showing one of the rioters being an idiot last night.

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