Video: 2011 Drift Wars Final – Serres, Greece

October 5, 2011

One here for the Drift aficionados… Depending upon your location, this will either serve as companion for your lunchbreak, tea-break, or pre-dins snack. Whatever the case, this is worth your 5 1/2 minutes of time.

Usually these Drift videos are rife with unfathomable music and/or wannabe G-mob stancing egos en masse – I end up clicking ‘stop’ after 30 seconds. But this soundtrack (minus the first 1:00 or so) is at least somewhat bearable enough and seems to adequately capture  the energy of the filmed event itself. Plus, there’s some rather tasty old-school motors being slung around the course, which makes me happy as a git.

Camera work is excellent as well. Nice job…!

-Blake J.


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