Pic of the Day: Classic Fiat 500 hunted by a Lamborghini

October 14, 2011

17 bhp vs. 572 bhp. 2-cylinders vs. 12-cylinders. 499 kg vs. 1650 kg…. Hmm. Understated, classic, useable Italian cuteness vs. voraciously trouncing/howling, unpractical, look-at-me-all-scissor-door’ed Supercar… Again, hmm….

Both of them Italian motoring icons in their own right, but given our current austerity-driven swayings amidst these (silly) eco-maniacal times of late, which one would you really want to be seen in… ? to use every single day… as your daily-driver…  if such a Genie-in-a-bottle type of question/demand magically popped-up within your dreamy existence… ?


-Blake J.

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