Anger: Doesn’t Mix Well With Automobiles and Dealerships

April 11, 2012

Details are understandably hazy with this eye-opening scenario, but the apparent story goes that this customer was rather annoyed with the Dealership’s impudence towards some suspension-related issues he was reporting with his new Suzuki Grand Vitara purchase. As a result, the internal rage switches were flicked on and, well… see for yourself.

Methinks his suspension queries are probably null and void now.

-Blake J.

The Legendary Monza High-Speed Oval: Then and Now

December 30, 2011

Very few racetracks invoke genuine fear within racecar drivers and the high-speed Autodromo Nazionale Monza circuit (located near the town of Monza, Italy) is one such track with a lucrative history of legendary speeds and spectacular crashes resulting in many high-profile and unfortunate deaths. From its inception in 1922, 9 drivers and 27 spectators lost their lives within the first 10 years of its existence – the sheer number of crashes alone, was extraordinary.

The high speeds attained on the original design of the track (with little to zero run-off area, mind) pushed both car and driver to the limits of their capabilities, with any major mechanical (or driver) failure linking with road-holding manageability often resulting in a life-threatening crash of an extremely violent nature. Over the decades though, safety concerns were addressed and many revisions to the circuit were added and improved upon with various chicanes and extended run-off areas being added.

Monza - then

After extensive damage to the track occured during World War II, the Monza circuit was repaired for the 1948 season and then revamped, yet again, in 1954 – this time with a newly-built, steeply-banked 2.64 mile re-introduction of a section of the original oval track that was used from 1922 to 1933. The ‘new’ high-speed oval section was incorporated into the existing circuit design and saw truly incredible speeds… along with growing concerns.

Various manufacturers (and drivers) deemed the new banking section unsafe, especially as the tires used in the day simply weren’t capable of providing adequate enough performance to withstand such conditions and were usually prone to disintegrating along the bumpy, rough surface of the oval. The controversial banked oval-section only saw F1 action in 1955, 1956, 1960 and 1961 along with various other races such as the ’57/’58 ‘Race Of Two Worlds’ series – a race-series utilising the oval circuit alone and saw pole-position speeds of 177 mph… Astonishing when you consider the pole-position speed for the Indy 500 in the same year was 144 mph.

Start of the 1958 'Race of Two Worlds'

The end for the oval came in 1961 after the horrific crash and subsequent death of Wolfgang von Trips along with 15 spectators when Trips’ Ferrari collided with Jim Clark’s Lotus and hurled the car airborne into the crowd. Although the crash happened just prior to the Parabolica curve section (and nowhere near the oval itself), it was enough of a shock and blow to the circuit owners who then took precautions of further reducing speeds on the legendary track and eliminating competitive F1 usage of the high-speed banked oval section outright.

Sections of the oval were altered throughout the 1960’s and remained in use (albeit, in a slightly neutered/shortened/chicaned state) until 1969, yet the original high-speed circuit was captured on film one last time in the 1966 film ‘Grand Prix’….

The famously daunting (and slowly disintegrating) oval section barely escaped complete destruction in the 1990s and (thankfully) remains a cherished, historical view of a dangerously frightening time in motor racing negotiated by incredibly brave drivers achieving speeds that must have been beyond the realms of ‘unbelievably scary’.

-Blake J.

Video: How To Destroy Your Corvette at 20mph

November 24, 2011

This one hurt to watch. Generally, Autocross Events such as this one are always held in giant, open parking lots or runways where the nearest ‘obstacle’ to inflict any real damage to your car would be, well… another car. In the case of this particular drive-thru-the-pylons *yawn* excursion though, things got a bit sideways really rather quick… and at a (albeit, accelerating) speed that causes one to scratch the noodle.

It appears to be a classic case of power-on/power-off leading to instant tail-out oversteer mixed with a lack of experience and a sprinkling of dusty/slippery tarmac… Then the curb. Then the destruction of not only your wheels, but most-likely your suspension and various underneath bits…. and the rear marker tail-lamp. Ouch.

-Blake J.

Corvette Show-Off Crashes Into Car.

August 15, 2011

Some Corvette driver fails as he tries to cut a car off and instead he ends up having a collision with another driver. Angry words broke out… Recommended for strong listeners.


An unusual crash for two race bikes

June 30, 2011

This is one unusual crash for two race bikes! In this video, 2 bikes collided and started spinning in circles on the track. It’s kind of funny to watch because you can see the guys trying to stop it but was barely able to.

Texting and driving may lead to disaster

June 3, 2011

This video shows you the reason why we should enforce strict laws on using your phone while driving. In this video, a teenager was texting while driving and ends up swerving into oncoming traffic and crashes into a ditch. After watching this video I hope everyone understands and learns why you shouldn’t text while driving. Hey I have an idea! Why not read your text messages after you get out of the car…

Crazy Driver Gone Wild!

May 26, 2011

That is one angry driver caught on CCTV surveillance camera. This is what I call taking road rage to the next level! Not knowing what’s going to happen next, the lady escalated the incident by getting out of her car and hitting the other driver’s window. Some people can be so stubborn like this crazy driver who apparently was trying to kill this woman while there were witnesses around and not caring about the consequences. No one deserves to be crushed on the road. Its funny how there was plenty of space for them to squeeze by. Thankfully, she was able to dodge that last hit.

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