Ferrari: New F12 Berlinetta + Hi-Res Photo Gallery

February 29, 2012

Ferrari has officially released details, photos and an annoyingly-spelled new name (the ‘F12berlinetta’ – lower-case ‘b’ and no spaces) for its new front/mid-engined V12 coupe flagship model… So, no longer ‘F620 GT’ as had been widely reported previously.

The new car boasts a power figure of 740 bhp and 509lb/ft of torque, can reach the magic 60 mph in under 3 seconds and do 0-125 mph in just 8.5 seconds… that’s mighty brisk. The new F12 has also lapped the Fiorano test-track in 1:23 – faster than any other Ferrari road car before and a whole second faster than the 599 GTO.

Ferrari also claims a somewhat irrelevant top-speed of ‘over 340 km/h’, which translates to somewhere north of 210 mph. Weight comes in at 1525 kg (dry) which is 70 kg lighter than the 599 GTB it replaces. Keeping up with the rest of the new and evolving Ferrari lineup, the F12 will also feature the proven twin-clutch transaxle gearbox as found in the 458.

The engine, seats and dash are also mounted lower in the chassis, thereby lowering the centre of gravity and shifting it rearwards for a 46:54 front-rear weight distribution figure. The F12 also highlights a 20% stiffer shell than the 599 and an impressive 76% increase in overall downforce, roughly giving 123kg of downforce at 125 mph. There’s also new fancy active brake ducts that open and close when required…

So what do we make of the looks…? As always, these things are ‘to-each-their-own’ and all… The in-the-metal debut happens soon at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. Until then, have a pore over the large, wallpaper-esque photos.

-Blake J.

Photos of the Day: Steve McQueen and His Two Ferrari 250GT Berlinetta Lussos

December 16, 2011

Today’s rare POTD features the King of Cool contemplating over two utterly gorgeous Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Lussos with his wife Neile nearby, reading a magazine. The 2nd photo shows his German Shepherd accompanying the excellent photo in tail-wagging appreciation of the Italian prancing horses that McQueen would come to make rather famous…

These incredibly rare photos were captured by Steve’s photographer-friend, William Claxton in 1963 and will be auctioned off on December 19, 2011 in Paris, France as part of French auction house Articurial‘s Une Histoire d’Homme sale. The Dec. 19 auction is aimed at the discerning gentleman with a taste for the finer, gentlemanly things in life including vintage cars, luggage, movie posters, vintage toys, rare watches and other assorted goodies.

Sale prices for the photos are estimated at between $2000-$2600… Sign-up on their website if you fancy owning some very cool pieces of our gentlemanly history from the past.

-Blake J.

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