Spied: The 2015 BMW i8

December 29, 2011

It’s nearing the end of the year, so I’m going to hypothetically ’empty my pockets’ here and declare that I find this ‘i8’ hybrid creation from BMW completely and absolutely hideous – always have. Right from its initial unveiling back in 2009 as a styling/futuristic exercise dubbed ‘Vision Efficient Dynamics’ to the latest ‘i’ sub-brand (do we really need more ‘i’ in our marketed lives..?), it has always managed to make me wretch and squirm… and I’m not alone.

Really now... this excites..?

It’s just one of those things I suppose – sometimes certain objects just don’t sit right within your world. As an automotive indicator-of-things-to-come, I’d rather sit through the entire Murder She Wrote DVD library… with nothing but applesauce and spam to ingest over its entire duration… than ingest this.

There. Got that out of the way… now we can move on!

So what we have here for you is both a series of i8 spy-shots and an advertisement for both Brenda Priddy & Company and Car and Driver, it would seem. Gone are the silly see-thru doors from the prototype in aid of proper side-impact protection, yet they still appear to have a swan-door opening procedure about them. Everything else appears to have been smoothed/melted over and (obviously) toned down to ‘production-ready’ levels of accessibility.

To quote Car and Driver who first unveiled these pics  – “Tucked behind the front end is the electric half of the i8’s plug-in hybrid powertrain; it will be fed juice by a long, lithium-polymer battery pack located in what would normally be the transmission tunnel. Together, they should be able to propel the i8 some 20 miles in zero-emissions mode”.

Scheduled for 2015, BMW will at least (hopefully) have some time to sort out that layered-cake roofline, pudgy rear-end and the complete lack of any 3/4 rear-view whatsoever… or not. Nowadays, everyone loves *beeping* back-up sensors splashed across the backside of their cars anyways… Oh, and I’ve saved my final rant for last – STOP CALLING THIS A SUPERCAR…!! IT’S A QUESTIONABLY-STYLED HYBRID COUPE HATCHBACK WITH FLASHY SWAN DOORS..!!

-Blake J.

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