Ferrari: Goodbye 599, Hello F620 GT

Ferrari is set to unveil its new F620 flagship GT at the Geneva Show in March of this year and, according to German magazine Auto Bild, it will pack quite a punch as well – about 710 bhp worth. For those of a numbers fixation, that’s more power than the new Lamborghini Aventador…

The official 'unofficial' rendering of the F620 GT

Unsurprisingly, shifting that power will come from the same 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox found in the current 458 as there will be no manual option made available (rejoice, all of you lazy, wannabe-F1 flippy-paddle mongers). I think it’s fairly safe to say that there will never ever be a manual Ferrari made again – does that not seem odd and just plain wrong to anyone else…? According to Ferrari just a couple of years back, their new mantra for future models was ‘far less weight, therefore smaller engines/less power required’…. Hmm.

From the unofficial rendering above (culled from many various spy-photos), the 599 successor appears to have gathered its front-end inspiration from the current FF. It will also share the same 6.3 V12 as fitted in the FF, albeit with a rather substantial gain in power. We look forward to its in-the-metal unveiling in March..!

-Blake J.

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