Top Gear: Season 18 Trailer Marks 10 Years of Current Version

Hard to believe that 10 years have now passed under the belt of the current version of Top Gear. Just the other day I started re-watching some of the older ’80s episodes way before Jeremy Clarkson was even on the show – he came in around ’89 or ’90 if memory serves. I love how ‘homegrown’ and calmy articulate those older episodes were – all cardigans and leg-ups and classic British wit, not to mention the wonderfully intimate scenery footage of local Rallys being held in some remote Welsh town on some far-off mountainside…

Original TG host, William Woollard, giving you the inside story.

What with Clarkson’s reviews coming on stronger with each subsequent episode to inject a splash of excitement, yobbery, big hair and smarmy humour, TG eventually outgrew its humble beginnings aimed at the more discreet motoring aficianado. The ’90s version of TG laid the foundations for the current version becoming the worldwide phenomenon it has become – that fact still blows my mind…

1980's TG co-host Chris Goffey explaining things to you in his calmly collective manner.

What’s your favorite season of the latest incarnation…? I’d have to go with season 4 or 5, as that was from a time of greater innocence and a more youthful, throw-caution-to-the-wind energy was evident. It was also froma time before TG was being broadcasted to a weekly worldwide audience and therefore the boys seemed far more relaxed to inject harsh jabs at Americans, the French and themselves without worrying about/relying on scripts and low-brow planted-humour to ‘assist’ their growing audience, as is so prevalent now and has been for many years…

Then this guy shows up and all hell breaks loose...

Light moaning aside though, it’s always good fun to have a new season of TG in the wings to brighten up your Sundays. Here’s a preview for the upcoming Season 18 that begins on January 29th..!

-Blake J.

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