Spotted: McLaren MP4-12C ‘HS’ Version – Video

A cosmetically tweaked new version of the McLaren MP4-12C has been spotted at a Miami, Florida dealer sporting an ‘HS’ or ‘High Sport’ moniker on its rear bumper. Having been created by McLaren’s long-standing Special Vehicles Operations division (responsible for such past madness as the Mercedes-McLaren SLR 722 and various ‘special’ McLaren F1s from the ’90s), this HS is one of just 5 examples that were special-ordered by a commercial partner of McLaren. Four of them are slated to be sold by the Miami dealer seen in the video below.

As is the norm for a company like McLaren with its roots firmly planted (and dominating) in the F1 arena, constant evolution is the name of the game. McLaren are no strangers to instilling drastic changes to their cars within an amazingly short amount of time as that is exactly how they build their cars to begin with – purposely designed from the offset to invite gradual alterations, endless tweaks and upgrades on-the-fly throughout the lifespan of their creations.

Last year, I attended the Luxury & Supercar Concours held in our fair city and I was treated to an exclusive one-on-one with the still-developing MP4-12C. Most of the exterior tweaks, upgrades and such were on display with their newest showcar and you could easily sense that McLaren has been trying to instigate more ’emotion’ and ‘aggression’ after its rather bland/lacklustre beginnings when the MP4-12C was initially launched to the public. Visit our own High-res MP4-12C wallpaper gallery of this one-off showcar here.

A spider version (with folding hardtop roof) of the MP4-12C is slated for later on in 2012, but it goes without saying that everyone is really waiting for the road-going variant of the current GT3 racer to emerge…

-Blake J.


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