Detroit Motor Show: Chevy Unveils Two Concepts Aimed At The Youth

Chevrolet has unveiled an opposing pair of production-ready looking concepts at the Detroit Motor Show that are dead-squarely aimed at the bugeoning youth market.

RWD 'Code 130 R' on the left, FWD 'Tru 140 S' on the right

Called the ‘Tru 140 S’ and ‘Code 130 R’, they represent GM’s foray into capitalising on the 80 million or-so new American car buyers that are approaching their 30s… and, it could be argued, to take on the recently unveiled (and heavily applauded) Toyota GT86 and Subaru BRZ.

FWD Tru 140 S

Both cars come with differing drivetrain layouts – the Tru 140 S (with the attractive Lamborghini-esque glass-house) is front-wheel drive while the Code 130 R (with the ‘shrunken-Camaro-via-BMW-1-series-coupe-aping looks) is rear-wheel drive (hallelujah and all that…)

RWD Code 130 R

Power is served up by the same 1.4L turbocharged 4-cyl engine churning out 150 bhp and 148lb ft of torque. Propelling them along will be a choice of 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic. Prices would average in the $25,000 range.

Whether or not both of them will make production is a curious point though as GM says that the two cars were unveiled together to ‘inspire ideas and create discussion’, placing ‘Next-Gen buyers in charge of the future’…

Yet, while most of us would hope for ‘the youth’ to dive head-first towards the rear-wheel drive Code 130 R variant, it’s worth noting that the front-wheel drive Tru 140 S is already based on the (rather bland) Chevrolet Cruze hatchback…

Judging from GM’s economic situation (and their propensity to build cars down to a price), I wouldn’t be holding my breath for the rear-drvien concept anytime soon…

-Blake J.


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