Photo of the Day: Jaguar D-type and E-type in Wales

Sometimes it’s difficult to come up with the proper accompanying words for an image so personal, poignant and escapist – one that instantly tugs at your motoring heart. Even more difficult if you’ve actually driven the route(s) contained within said image on a previous overseas driving-holiday – the plethora of beautifully visceral memories are right *there*, as if you were subconsciously in the moment itself, re-feeling the moment in time.

Driving throughout the incredibly stunning Welsh countryside amidst the endlessly gliding, curving and falling roads of the region does that to you – It’s a bespoke landscape unlike anything you’ve ever seen and navigated throughout before, bordering on the dreamlike. Every year I try my absolute best to hike the trek over to the UK for my necessary dosage of raw, mechanical interaction with something fun and burbly, thereby mixing all of the sensations together to create an escapist elixir that has become almost essential to my well-being and sanity now…

It’s become my ultimate drug of choice.

Photo by: James Lipman

-Blake J.

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