The Saab Story – Wait, It’s Not Over Yet..!

After reporting on the demise of Saab 2 weeks ago following the GM squashing of the Chinese attempt, which in-turn spiraled Saab into bankruptcy, it appears that there might be a flicker (or two) of hope for the Swedish concern… Or it could just be an inevitable picking-of-the-remains scenario. Either way, it’s not entirely over yet.

The Saab PhoeniX concept from 2011

Indian multi-vehicular manufacturer (amongst many other things), Mahindra, has apparently been setting up meetings with Saab’s administrators to review the possibilities of buying parts-of or the whole of the entire company. Now, whether or not that means the Saab brand itself will be saved is entirely up-in-the-air as Mahindra has been on an expansion spree as of late, what with securing a 70% stake in Korean automobile manufacturer, SsangYong, in the hopes of utilising their vast sales network and tech know-how. Mahindra may just be looking to take advantage of the same sort of things with the ailing Saab…

Yet, it has also been reported that there is some action/interest from the Turks. With full support from a Turkish Government wanting to produce a domestic-market vehicle, a certain Turkish investor has been saddled-up as a possibility for taking over the ailing Saab reins.

Lots going on with this… and it probably will for some time. Stay tuned…!

-Blake J.


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