Leaked: Lexus LF-LC Sports Concept

Detailed photos have been slowly emerging on the interweb over the past 12 hours of a Lexus Sports Concept that is due to make an appearance at the forthcoming Detroit Auto Show in January 2012.

No official specs thus far, yet a video on YouTube (since taken down) was ‘accidentally’ leaked by Road & Track ahead of the suggested air-date and is responsible for the images you see here…

Called the LF-LC, it appears to have all of the signature slashes and sharp-edges of a concept (of which will never make actual production in these pedestrian-safety-mania times) and seems to bridge the gap between the incredible LFA supercar and the company’s BMW 5-series-rivaling GS model.

Boasting 2+2 seating and a targa-style folding/retracting glass roof, this could very well be Lexus’s re-engagement of the terrifically hideous and boring-to-drive SC430 that somehow managed to survive 9 years of production before (finally and thankfully) being dropped from our motoring landscape in 2010.

The SC430 - eeeewwww...

Expect Lexus to be aiming its new long-nosed Sportscar at the rakish AMG and Aston Martin DB9 crowds…

-Blake J.


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