Google Car: Auto-Pilot Mode is a GO!

Google has patented a new autonomous mode for their high-profile ‘driverless car’, further securing its vision of a safety-infested driving landscape without us pesky humans messing things up…

Yet, given the daily examples of inexscusably mind-boggling driving intuition displayed in our fair city alone, this new tech is far from any sort of threat on our independence and love of driving – this tech is aimed at the daily-grinder. The city commuter and the drab endlessness they inhabit every… single… day.

Let your car's brain do the troublesome mile-a-minute multi-tasking now, you inferior human.

To quote US patent # 8,078,349 – “An autonomous vehicle comprising: a first sensor configured to detect a landing strip responsive to the vehicle stopping; a second sensor configured to detect a reference indicator, responsive to the first sensor detecting the landing strip; an analysis module configured to identify reference data associated with the detected reference indicator, wherein the reference data comprises an internet address; a wireless unit configured to wirelessly retrieve an autonomous vehicle instruction based on at least the reference data; and, a control module configured to switch the vehicle into an autonomous operation mode, wherein the autonomous operation mode comprises the control module executing the autonomous vehicle instruction”

Got all that..?

Basically what this means is that, at the press of a button drivers will be able to direct their cars onto a section of road that will generate a code (similar to that of a QR code) and then Google will send the vehicle’s GPS directions and info on how to arrive at the humanoid’s destination. Smart stuff.

In short...

The more I think about it though, the more I like it… and I’m someone that’s fully aware of the Orwellian future awaiting all of us. But as long as this tech remains in-control of the driver (for now) and has the potential to lessen the amount of annoyingly clueless, wandering drivers on the road (especially in the citys) then I’m almost inclined to think it perfectly suits our endlessly boring, grid-patterned driving landscape.

Suddenly, the fun, far-off, winding and challenging backroads just became even-more enticing…

-Blake J.

2 Responses to Google Car: Auto-Pilot Mode is a GO!

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  2. Adeeb Khan says:

    That’s all fine and dandy except google’s directions are not always correct 😉

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