Teaser: Hyundai I-oniq Concept

The 2012 Geneva Motor Show takes place in a few months’ time, yet Hyundai has decided to drop this teaser rendering for us to ogle over and scratch our heads in a questioning manner – exactly what Hyundai had in mind, one would assume.

What with the sheer plumage of jacked-up SUVs, cross-overs, mini-SUVs, hatchbacks, coupes named coupes that aren’t really coupes, etc. (you get my point) within the industry, it’s nearly impossible to decipher what, exactly, this swooping concept drawing is teasing at though…

Vague, yet alluring - mark of a successful tease.

Hyundai themselves are keen to report that this “will preview the next evolution of the brand’s ‘fluidic sculpture’ form language.” Adding that the “Two strong arched curves define the silhouette of i-oniq, creating a playful contrast between the sharp character lines and soft but muscular features.” Sounds funky.

(One day, I will read a press release without the manufacturer using the word ‘language’ in the description… I have faith.)

More info on the Hyundai I-oniq concept and other Geneva-related news as the March 2012 date draws nearer..!

-Blake J.

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