Comeback: Honda/Acura NSX

The 2012 Detroit Auto Show in January will play host to the usual assortment of tasty new metal and burgeoning technologies but one of the most heavily-anticipated debuts will undoubtedly be the concept for what will become the replacement for the mid-engined NSX.

The original NSX

When the new sportscar hits showrooms in 2013 it will most-likely carry (again, mid-engined) V6 Hybrid power and Honda’s new Electric Super Handling All-Wheel-Drive setup that sees the bulk of the power being sent to the rear wheels while twin electric motors will work their occassionally-called-upon wizardry for the front wheels.

The old lightweight Type-R version - expect a similar 'hot' NSX

Honda is also keen to advertise that this new NSX replacement will receive a 7-speed twin-clutch gearbox. No word on a manual variant, but it would be a shame if one wasn’t offered.

Robert Downey Jr drove a swoopy Acura in Iron Man 2 - It will be interesting to see what (if any) styling cues translate over to the next NSX

The original NSX was in production for 15 years (1990-2005) and its sleek ‘n sexy styling (with pop-up headlamps, no less… well, until the facelift ) was an instant eye-grabber that openly proclaimed Ferrari-baiting breathe upon its introduction. It was also an engineering masterpiece, utilising some of the finest tech of the times.

Expect no less from the next NSX…

-Blake J.

3 Responses to Comeback: Honda/Acura NSX

  1. brown says:

    Latest sport model of Acura NSX is approve by the company and it will appear at 2012 Detroit Auto Show. Speculation says that the new car might feature hybrid engine.

  2. eng says:

    nice car…. thanks for your information…..

  3. cindrella says:

    I’ve had this car for almost 1 year. The drive is superb, tight, quick, and responsive. I really love this car.

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