Video of the Day: 101 y/o and her 81 y/o Packard

It’s a strange thing to witness a future glimpse of your own (somewhat fastidious) self… This will surely be me when I approach my Golden years. In fact, I don’t think I’ll have to wait that long…

She still changes the oil and spark plugs and maintains its beautiful exquisiteness all by herself to this very day. I love the ending shot that shows her little red slip-on being used for entering the vehicle so that she doesn’t scuff up the running boards – I keep something similar within my old BMWs so as to not filth-up the original carpets… I’m not crazy..! Honest..! Just caring for my baby..!

Admittedly, not the usual type of oversteering, tire-smoking, adrenelin-packed, vintage-related posting on here – it just simply warms the petrolheaded heart… and that’s reason enough.

-Blake J.


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