Video: Traxxas X0-1 – The 100mph RC-car

What bloody fun. That’s all I could think when I watched this video for the new Traxxas X0-1 R/C car… plus, the whole ‘100 mph top-speed’ headline makes you all giggly like a hyperactive childling on Xmas morn…

I'm as tall as your shoe and faster than your SmartCar.

And if that blistering top-speed figure alone doesn’t catch your attention then the performance stats will: 0-60 in 2.3 (Veyron..? what Veyron.. ) and after 4.9 sec. you’ll be fully in charge of a 100 mph RC-car bombing around your… er, …neighborhood…? Not recommended, informs Traxxas, as at those types of speeds you’re basically in-control of a land-based missile that could (and would) inflict some rather serious injuries, damages and/or death.

The 4WD, lithium-polymer battery powered ankle-remover is controlled through an iPhone or iPod Touch and only via the download of an App can those scary speeds be achieved. Traxxas insists (rightly so) that the X0-1 is ‘not a toy and is intended for expert-use only’. They even go on to state that you should have access to a (I’m guessing rather large) closed track circuit and be in possession of a valid driver’s licence as well… Makes sense.

Attention wives and parents: Your boys will be begging you for this

Obviously, this is not the sort of thing you buy little 12 year-old Tommy for Xmas but I can’t help wondering how many daft parents out there will undoubtedly shell out the $1099.00 for their shining star to ravage the nerves of the local feline population and scare the bejezuz out of dear old Gran popping out to the shops… *imagining the childish possibilities*

Great fun…!

This reminded me of something else, by the way… Remember that Top Gear segment from a few years back when the pumped-up G-Wiz electric car raced that tiny RC-car around the track…?

-Blake J.


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