Subaru BRZ: Video Hints at What Subaru Does Best

Subarus have never really been about dashing good looks – what’s underneath the skin has always been their shining point. The new BRZ/Toyota GT86 joint-project has been receiving quite a bit of negative initial flack for their somewhat hum-drum styling efforts but at least this new Subaru promo-vid (with questionable emo-anthem-rock soundtrack) shows off a few (slip) angles and cements the brutish underdog-like lure of the BRZ.

The Show-car Concept - hints of the forthcoming 'sporting' variant

I’m all for skinnier tires and smaller wheels making a comeback on production cars but, watching this video, you just can’t help imagine how much more ‘planted’ and aggressive the BRZ will look once the more-hardcore ‘S’ or ‘R’ versions eventually trickle onto the scene…

-Blake J.


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