Photo Album: Lamborghini Reventon meets Countach Turbo S

You may or may not have seen these pictures splashed out all over the internet already but we’re inclined to think that they deserve their own place here on AutoInjected. The uber-limited (and comically expensive) Reventon will probably need no introduction here but the rather sexy Countach Turbo S possibly does…

Lamborghini built two Countach Turbo S models back in 1984, one of which was a prototype. The prototype was destroyed so this lone example lives on. The performance figures are outrageous, especially for 1984: 5.2L V12 with twin-turbos (Garrett T4) with a power output anywhere between 550-750 bhp, depending on how far you turned up the excellent period-era boost knob.

Prepare to tie on a bib to aid in catching any residual drool…

So good...

In light of the final photo, I couldn’t possibly end this post without including the excellent intro to the 1981 Cannonball Run movie…

-Blake J.

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