Decision Time: Toyota GT-86 or Subaru BRZ

By now, most of you will have gleaned over the Car-show concepts and read through the specs so now comes the question: If you were magically handed the funds to go out and buy one of the two, which one would you have…?

The Subaru BRZ - awaiting your add-ons

I don’t know about you, but I’m still double-taking on the fact that these cars even came to exist nowadays in this austerity-driven age of no-fun … 1200-ish kg, rear-wheel driven sportscars with manual transmissions and a 200 bhp boxer engine that will undoubtedly invite many various performance upgrades. What decade are we in again…?

Toyota GT-86 - a bit gawky...?

Both are near-identical in spec, shape (oddly, the Subaru is 15mm taller) and looks… well, sort of – the Toyota comes across as a bit flashier and almost Celica-ish (makes sense) whereas the Subaru looks more the brute…. So really then, it’s a case of differing headlamps and badge honouring.

Subaru BRZ - optional extras will undoubtedly include a hefty rear wing

The Scion FRS concept (unveiled for the North American crowd) looked the business but, as is the fate with all concept cars, the end product always comes out looking rather bland, watered-down and uninspiring – and that’s the case here as well… at least in these first official pics, that is… All under-tire’d and slightly gawky looking, it’s almost as if they designed these cars with the full intentional knowledge that keen, high-profile owners (and tuning companies) will be spec’ing their cars up with the inevitable big-wheels and splitters and spoilers and slamming them down to the ground.

Toyota GT-86 - perhaps a bit too over-styled (ie: trying too hard) ...?

So, back to this ‘make a decision’ conundrum… Hmmmm… Personally, I do like an underdog – and one with an impressive Rallying Motorsport pedigree at that – so I’d have the Subaru. Plus, both cars are being built by Subaru. But on the flipside, Toyota does have a vast history of mostly-memorable sportscars, even though they haven’t even dabbled within the realm of anything remotely ‘sporty’ in, what seems like decades. So, it could be seen as their smashing comeback, this…. Perhaps the Subaru would be a bit too obvious a choice then..?

Which one would you have…?

-Blake J.

One Response to Decision Time: Toyota GT-86 or Subaru BRZ

  1. I prefer the Subaru because like you said it’s more brute-like, edgy and aggressive. More sportier. GT-86 is more Celica’ish which reminds me of my high school years back in the 90’s when Celica’s were popular and I would like to forget those years.

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