Video: How To Destroy Your Corvette at 20mph

This one hurt to watch. Generally, Autocross Events such as this one are always held in giant, open parking lots or runways where the nearest ‘obstacle’ to inflict any real damage to your car would be, well… another car. In the case of this particular drive-thru-the-pylons *yawn* excursion though, things got a bit sideways really rather quick… and at a (albeit, accelerating) speed that causes one to scratch the noodle.

It appears to be a classic case of power-on/power-off leading to instant tail-out oversteer mixed with a lack of experience and a sprinkling of dusty/slippery tarmac… Then the curb. Then the destruction of not only your wheels, but most-likely your suspension and various underneath bits…. and the rear marker tail-lamp. Ouch.

-Blake J.

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