Pic of the Day: Steve McQueen in his Jaguar XKSS

Yes, bit of a classic Jaguar-fixated day today but after completing the D-Type article I couldn’t help but share this great vintage photo of the ever-so-cool Steve McQueen in his ridiculously beautiful Jaguar XKSS with you all. What’s an XKSS I hear you ask…? And why do I now want one more than my next breath…? Well, let me explain…

Following Jaguar’s departure from motor racing at the end of 1955, a healthy number of partially-built D-Types remained unsold at the factory. So, in order to recoup some of his investment, Jaguar boss Sir William Lyons made the decision to convert the remaining chassis, bodies and engines into limited road-legal versions to sell to the general public.

Tragically, only 16 of these stunning XKSS variants were built and sold before a terrible fire at the Browns Lane factory in Coventry completely destroyed the remaining D-types awaiting their XKSS conversions.

Too much cool happening here...

-Blake J.


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