POTD/Spotlight: Ford GT in iconic Gulf Colours

When Ford unveiled their modern-day re-interpretation of the 1960’s Le Mans-dominating/Ferrari-slaying GT40 back in 2004 (reborn as the ‘GT’), it bowled over the crowds with its beautifully similar lines and near-identical dimensions to that of the iconic original. It was little bit wider, a little bit taller (by 3 in.) and a little less lairy than that of the be-scooped, original raucous racer, but there was no doubt that Ford had nailed a winner with its supercharged 550 bhp V8 leviathan (650 bhp with some tasty Ford-sanctioned upgrades).

Accolades and group-test awards came pouring in. It even managed to bag Evo Magazine’s coveted Car of the Year acolade back in 2005, beating out the likes of a certain Ferrari F430 for the crown. Seeing as how production of Ford’s GT ended just over 5 years ago with 4,038 being made, your chance to bag one now with relatively low miles on the clock will be a relative dawdle… though, if I’m to be honest, I’d be sorely tempted to track down one of the rarer light-blue and orange GTs painted in those race-bred Gulf colours…

For those that hanker after an exquisitely-built near-identical replica of the 60’s original GT40, there’s always the South African-based Superformance who will build you one to your own personal spec and desires. I’ve always enjoyed this Fifth Gear vid of Tiff Needell blasting around South Africa in the Superformance GT40…

-Blake J.


One Response to POTD/Spotlight: Ford GT in iconic Gulf Colours

  1. Those are indeed some eye catching and bright colors on the GT. Wonder what made Ford made to bring back a blast from the past…

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