Video: Mosler RaptorGTR meets struggling Club Diva

It’s a genuine mixture of pleasure and rubber-hammer-to-the-forehead pain, this… Like spending hours on a gourmet dish only to have someone sprinkle Fruit Loops and anchovies all over your creation… then bathing it in cheese-laden fireballs of leather-clad leopard boobage and rather sub-par breakdancing efforts …in the dirt.

No no no no... please make it stop.

Quite what Mosler was thinking when they invited (agreed..?) to let this Abby Cubey, er… ‘songstress’ (emphasis on the ‘stress’) do her thang in conjunction with the official debut of their 838 bhp (1212 bhp requiring $70K mo’ of yo’ money) RaptorGTR is a bit of a head-scratcher. The link between this world-reknowned Motorsport leviathan and embarassingly un-sexy, low-brow Dance Mix ’95-era tuneage is utterly lost within the onslaught of stereotypically sprawling Club-diva antics (why are the other girls petting her..?) and some truly horrendous attempts at what is (was?) known within musical circles as ‘lyrics’ – the likes of which even my 13 year-old neice would raise a questionable eyebrow to.

It starts out all promising with some tasty visuals of the Raptor amidst some furious engine sounds and all… but then fire, cleavage and some dude having a go at B-boy’ing take centre stage… Prepare to chuckle and cringe…

-Blake J.


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  1. Baol says:

    Some actually quality posts on this site, saved to favorites.

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