Pic of the Day: Porsche 911 GT3

The next-generation 991-series Porsche 911 is set to hit the showrooms in the Springtime of next year and by now most of you (aficianado or not) will have surely gleaned over the raft of changes and updates that will encompass the next 911 model.

Most noteworthy is the lengthened wheelbase over the outgoing 997-series and the rather controversial (and worrisome) addition of an electric pump to assist with the steering – an aspect of the 911 that has always been its trademark for driver interaction unlike any other car on sale today. Let’s just hope this new tech and additional creature comforts hasn’t further sanitised a key element of the 911s appeal…

Until those first drives and detailed reports come flooding in, let us take a moment to remind that there will undoubtedly be Turbo, GT2 (perhaps) and GT3/RS versions coming down the Porsche pipeline over the forthcoming year or two – the 911s we actually care about.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have driven extensive miles and cared-for a 997-series GT3 in identical spec/colour to the one below and without pause, I can firmly deliver that it was one of the most incredible sportscars I’ve ever driven.

It was also one of those cars that (still) shows you something new to learn and/or discover about its handling character and idiosyncratic foibles each time you got behind the wheel – I like that, a lot. The drivetrain itself was seemingly carved and engineered from a single solid slab of granite with an engine that sang a song of metallic urge and howling might… Yes, this car has soul and buckets of precisional beauty. Quite looking forward to the next-gen GT3….

-Blake J.


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