SEMA 2011: Highlights from Day 2

Two days have now passed under the belt of the 2011 SEMA show – here’s your exclusive AutoInjected rundown…

Vintage Mercedes-Benz 280SE 'restored' with an AMG atomic-bomb under the hood.

Mechatronik is a German company founded 15 years ago by an ex-AMG Mercedes engineer and Car and Driver stopped by their stand to have a glance at their intriguing old-meets-new restorations.


Laying some frame at SEMA - photo by Speed Hunters

The folks at AutoBlog pored over a cool and scrappy 1952 Chevrolet with 430 bhp of 6.2L/V8 GM firepower and also had a gander at the familiar 3-wheeled ‘SuperTrike’ Invader TC-3 from Tanom Motors, which sounds (and looks!) like a city-car designed for The Terminator himself… They also spotted this unique 2011 Mustang clothed in ’68/’69 body panels.

Another oldie with 'updated' internals - '52 Chevrolet here

The fellas at Edmunds InsideLine managed to trace down their Top-10 SpokesModels of SEMA, and of course… the standard ‘slutty schoolgirl’ makes an appearance. They also managed to film a quick video rundown of the upcoming V8-endowed Hyundai RM500 Genesis Coupe.

Uh sir.... there's a time and a place for... uhm

Finally, the Luxury Vehicle twist to the show was amply captured in fine, photographic style by the SpeedHunters crew along with their own spotlight on the barrage of Rods, Lowriders and Customs and some Manufacturer’s OEM displays.

Audi A8 on Airlift and flashy Rotiforms

Very cool 1986 Subaru XT Turbo..! Photo by SpeedHunters, obviously.

By a whisker... what happens when it actually moves though..?

Classic BMW E30 M3... with an LS3 Corvette engine.

A rather Slammed Caddy... Didn't the Jetsons float about in something quite similar to this..?

More tomorrow folks..!

-Blake J.

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  1. Jannetti says:

    Yay! Google assisted me to locate this excellent site!

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