Pic of the Day: Ferrari F40 – Pozzi Blue

When someone mentions ‘Ferrari’ and ‘sportscar’ in the same sentence, 99.8% of people will instantly conjure up an image of that iconic, scarlet Red Ferrari hue followed by (probably) the Prancing Horse logo followed by some sort of dreamlike, hazy image of a particular car within the marque’s history that you’d glady trade a limb or internal organ for… the other 0.2% just fall away all glassy-eyed and lightly faint…

Yet contrary to popular legend, not all F40s were imbued with the iconic Red that some of us trot around in a Ferrari bathrobe in… The story goes that this F40 was the one and only painted in ‘Pozzi Blue’ from the Ferrari factory.

This lone example was painted as such to honour Carlo (Charles) Pozzi, a Frenchman (of Italian parentage) who imported Ferraris for many years and was also a somewhat successful racing driver. Carlo and Enzo Ferrari were close friends from way back in the days when Enzo was first building his own cars and this particular shade of Blue was one of Enzo Ferrari’s favourite colours… I think it looks stunning.

*Extra video below with some outstanding driving shots… a shame about the lack of subtitles at the very beginning (translation anyone..?)

Photo by: Chris Wevers

Blake J.

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  1. […] 1 was for Nigel Mansell when he raced for ferrari, I recall reading somewhere…? Its blue, pozzi blue. RAM All-City Nature Boy Cult OS V3 Reply With Quote   + Reply to […]

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