Nordschleife 1970: Entertaining Crash Video from Adenauer Forst

Carrying on from yesterday’s Nurburgring Vintage Green Hell Photos entry, I thought I’d share this always-entertaining video footage from 1970 detailing an endless series of hilariously knife-edge near-crashes and dramatically violent roll-overs (in road-going cars!) captured during a Public-Day outing and filmed at the famed Adenauer Forst bend.

The Adenauer Forst bend - where scary things can happen

The Adenauer Forst section of the Nordschleife has been catching drivers off-guard ever since, well… ever since the Nurburgring has existed, really. It’s a tricky, blind, uphill bend where you’re rising towards it, at speed, before being introduced to a rather sharp left followed by a sharp right. Carry-in too much speed and you’re either missing the bendy part of the track and proceeding straight-lined through the dirt/grass before un-gracefully depositing yourself back onto the track (or barrelling straight into the woods/barrier) or you’re paying the price of having to collect-up the evil forces of inertia and gravity as you attempt to make-right what you’ve done-wrong… and then you crash …in one of many various ways.

Just out for a casual dip around the lovely Eiffel Mountains - or so you thought

Watching the video again, it remains almost shocking to see the near-zero levels of safety concerns that the drivers instilled upon themselves (and their passengers) in case, you know, something went horribly wrong. Some people seem to have been simply driving home from work (or running errands) and whimsically decided to ‘pop on by’ the Nurburgring for a quick lap, as evidenced by the hilarious amount of paperwork and assorted household detritus that litters the track on some of the more-exciting roll-over crashes… Insane, and I love it.

For those that have never seen this video before – you’re in for a treat..!

-Blake J.


One Response to Nordschleife 1970: Entertaining Crash Video from Adenauer Forst

  1. I love watching that video, its a great piece of history

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