The Nurburgring: When It Truly Was A ‘Green Hell’

The legendary Nurburgring is without a doubt the most strenuously demanding, psychologically challenging, beautifully designed and dangerously captivating race track the world has ever seen – not to mention the longest in length as well.

Nothing but hedgerows, ditches and trees to cushion your crash back then...

Nowadays, the Nurburgring plays host to a vast assemblage of events, ranging from many various one-make race series to annual long-distance race events, public days, press days, private days, etc. etc… and now there’s even a Shopping Mall and a mini roller-coaster… but let’s not address those recent ‘developments’ per se.

...and the odd fence

It was 3-time F1 World Champion, Sir Jackie Stewart, that famously coined the term ‘The Green Hell’ upon the then-14.2 mile (now 12.9 mile) main course circuit back in the 1960’s. Looking at these vintage colour photos (and video below) before the safety concerns (and barriers) of later years existed, one could easily see how the slightest of mistakes could potentially cost you your life.

When it was basically a stretch of tarmac scything through the Eiffel Mountains

Can you imagine what it must have been like to hit speeds upwards of 150+ mph back when it looked like this…?!

24-hour races, when it was foggy or rainy, must have been terrifying

An excellent vintage 3-D map to give an idea of the constant elevation changes

Here’s a great video from 1967 offering a greatly detailed and onboard view of the grass-lined circuit from an F1 driver’s perspective…

-Blake J.


2 Responses to The Nurburgring: When It Truly Was A ‘Green Hell’

  1. matzelocal says:

    “Here’s a great video from 1967 offering a greatly detailed and onboard view of the grass-lined circuit from an F1 driver’s perspective…”

    The camera car is a Formula V…. look at the front suspension: It’s a KingPin Axle of a VW

  2. Well, whether an actual F1 car was used for the film or not, the vintage onboard footage, from a racing driver’s perspective, is still incredible for the time… cheers for the comment..! ~BJ

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