The Yugo: Video Proves We Were Wrong All Along…?

A book I’m currently reading right now is ‘Yugo – The Rise and Fall of The Worst Car in History’ by Jason Vuic (available from Chapters, Amazon, Ebay, maybe even your local Library..? etc…). So far, I’ve only just begun to delve into the rather hilarious stories and assorted content therein but as a fan of cynically-based humour mixing with a darn good automotive story, I highly recommend you seek out a copy for yourself.

Those old enough to remember the near-legendary (and almost broken-record like) jokes that circulated throughout the 80’s will take delight in these throwbacks that punctuate the beginning of each chapter…

Q: What’s included in every Yugo owner’s manual..?
A: A Bus schedule.


Q: How do you double the value of your Yugo..?
A: Fill the gas tank.


Q: What do you call the passengers in a Yugo…?
A: Shock Absorbers


Q: What do you call a Yugo with brakes…?
A: Customised

Anyways… you see the sort of field we’re mining here. It was a monumental automotive flop of unparalleled proportions for so many various reasons that, well… you’d have to write a book about it.

But yet, back in 1988, Yugo themselves saw things quite differently. Hence, this rather interesting Yugo promo-video from the day that seems to dispel all of those evil urban myths and claims… ?

Perhaps it was a classic school-yard case of ‘needing someone to point the s&!tty-stick at and poke fun at’ …..?

Nah… They were bunk.

-Blake J.


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