A.I. Daily Escapist Route – RC Wraith with ‘Real’ Engine Sounds

This fella’s RC videos never fail to place a childlike grin upon my face each time he produces a new one (we’ve been here before). Not only are they beautifully filmed (and ever-so-slightly slowed down) to properly replicate the scaled-up vehicular movements and dynamics within the human-sized realm, but they also effectively manage to (stay with me here) tap into another world – to that oft-forgotten, imaginary-infused 7 year-old world that would hike out into the brush, come rain or shine, armed with your favourite toy-of-the-moment to loudly vocalise those otherwordly, bombastic engine noises, explosions and/or any applicable banter amidst adreneline-riddled ‘situations’… You know, proper kid stuff.

If you have a keen sense of humour and appreciate random snippets of nostalgia-infused fun that bring about the kid in you, then please allow us to happily provide 2 minutes and 30 seconds of child-like escape within your musky grown-up world… *Just remember to adjust your speaker volume*


Remember when you were little and you laid the side of your head down onto the carpet and vocally “vrrrRRRROOOOOMMmmmm”-ed a die-cast metal car towards your face and then quickly switched over to the other side of your face as the car’s engine noise/exhaust faded off into the distance… ? ? The bass frequencies of your mouth-prescribed engine noises amplified 10-fold within your head because of your ear being pressed into the floor… ? ? Well, I know I did this. Several times a day. You probably did too…

My daily 'work' briefcase... surely you had one as well..?

Those Matchbox cars of my wiggly youth (I even had the Matchbox briefcase – snappy lad) helped lay down the eternal blueprints for my lifelong obsession with anything on 4-wheels mated to an internal-combustion engine. It was my daily/morning-drug of choice – the grown-ups had coffee, I had my Matchbox Cars world to tend to… and Sesame Street.

One distinct aspect of Mr Headquake’s RC creations that undoubtedly catch my eye (and imagination) is the slightly scrabbly patina within the details of these handmade (mostly from wood) objects of escapist fun. From the ominous glare of the driver (and the fact that he ‘steers’ the vehicle) to the plethora of details within the cabin alone (gearbox, fire-extinguisher, tool-box, etc.).

When filmed in such ways amidst tailored landscapes within an imaginary world devoid of larger beings (ie: you and I), what is essentially being captured on film here is the augmentation of our dream-like childhood – those moments of pocket-sized bliss and wandering wonder. I say more of that in this life, please…

-Blake J.

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