Pic of the Day: TVR Griffith 500 in Wales

On the twisting, climbing and challenging A4069 of the Brecon Beacons (Black Mountain) to be exact… I should know, because yours-truly took this photo!

Each and every year (well, almost) I deem it a fundamental priority to embark upon a 2-3 week driving-holiday in the UK solely to experience the vast (and seemingly neverending) A and B-road networks that scythe their romantically stunning paths throughout the entire landscape. No humdrum, straight-lined, grid-patterned blah-ness over there – the roads carve and curl and wrap and dive. It is, without doubt, a large (and coveted) chunk of pure motoring nirvana… and I haven’t even started on Scotland… which is basically one big race track …but that’s for another time (ie: future Feature piece)

But if there’s one similarity with these UK-bound driving-holidays that always defines them, it is that each and every excursion is spent with at least 4-5 days behind the wheel of a British-made TVR. For those of you that might not be too familiar with the breed, I’ll spare you the book-report explanation that I could all-too-easily fulfill within this space and just give you the basics: Imagine a ferociously loud (yet sonorous), beautifully curvaceous, handmade, lightweight, minimalist, slightly scary, zero-drivers-aids 1960’s sporstcar (that also delivers shotgun-blasts from its tailpipes on the overrun… just sayin’) with a 340bhp V8 up front, a proper manual gearbox within a tight chassis that weighs all-in at around 1050kg… did I mention the lack of any driver’s aids, whatsoever….?

Motoring: Unplugged. You mess up, you pay the price.

Not only is there the attraction of experiencing something so raw amidst a driving landscape so utterly addictive and stunning, but there is the very fact that these wonderful TVRs are quickly fading from the automotive landscape, what with the company’s unfortunate demise approx 3 years ago. Each year, I painfully notice that the number of TVRs available through the usual contacts/rental companys dwindles a bit more. My reckoning is that you (and I) should enjoy them as often as we can before the opportunity to do so is gone for good.

-Blake J.

***Added Bonus – A nice video clip to give you an idea of the monstrous sounds…>>>


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