A.I. Essential Viewing: The Days of Madness – Group B Rally Video

Continuing on from our current Group B fixation for the day (there will surely be another ‘Group B day’ soon enough, not to worry), here we present a video that perfectly captures those moments of unbridled fury and precisional grace augmented with near-balletic accuracy.

Slowed down to a speed that’s almost pastoral in its execution, this stunning (and beautiful) video allows the viewer to witness the fear and fascination of the onlookers themselves as these legendarily tamed monsters whizz past their leaping bodies and limbs in a death-defying nature while being pelted with flying debris and stones and ferocious noise – It must have been exhilerating in a way that we can only dream about.

Sadly, Group B’s days were short and (obviously) dangerous – Timely and tragic deaths of both drivers and spectators put an end to the spectacle. Rallying was never the same afterwards…

Within this ever-increasingly safety-regulated/obsessed world we live in, it’s always worth remembering that humanity should never stop seeking-out the edge of the envelope, as we (usually) end up amazing ourselves in the process. Group B was one of those moments…

-Blake J.


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