Themed Hot Rods – When the Drugs Worked…?

Bespoke styles and visionary creations for the tuning crowd have evolved greatly over the decades since the techniques of vehicular customization and personalized coachbuilding companys started emerging in the 1930’s (aimed at the wealthy set). But by the time WWII ended, an exciting and youthful resurgence was brewing in Southern California for the Hot Rod and it’s openly unique possibilities for personal style and clever engineering.
Yet somewhere along the line of the ‘traditional’ Hot Rod legacy, things became a bit… odd. Enter, the ‘Themed Hot-Rod’. During the mid-to-late 60’s on into the 70’s (and to some extent, the early-80’s) the Hot Rod entered a whole new phase that at times bordered on the absolutely absurd – and that’s mostly why we’re sharing these examples with you. It’s Friday folks – have a laugh, gawp at the baffling attention-to-detail, ponder just how, exactly some of these… um, work.
-Blake J.

One Response to Themed Hot Rods – When the Drugs Worked…?

  1. Mark says:

    Wow! That’s an attention-grabbing!

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