And the Gear Head Contest Winners Are…

And now, for the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Thousands have registered, and now 31 lucky people have won! By random draw, the prize winners for the “Are You a Gear Head?” contest are:

Prize #1 – STS Turbo Single Universal Turbo System
Winner – pggeorge (George R)

Prize #2 – TURBONETICS $1000.00 USD Gift Certificate
Winner – 67mustanghead (Richard S)

Prize #3 – GARRETT GT2876R Ball Bearing Turbocharger
Winner – BiggZ (Zamir C)

Prize #4 & 5 – SPEC Performance Clutch Kit (Up to $600USD value)
Winners – FlatStanley (Peter D) & teg-meister (Carlos X)

Prize #6 – AEM Water Meth Kit Prize – AEM 1 Gallon Water/Meth Kit
Winner – M13 (Mike K)

Prize #7 – AEM Gauge Prize – Digital Volt Gauge. 8~18Vs
Winner – giaquintom (Michael G)

Prize #8 & 9 – Energy Suspension HyperFlex Master Bushing Set
Winners – THEracingLEGEND (Matt L) & StudioXcel (Jered G)

Prize #10 – AUTOMETER $300.00 USD Gift Certificate
Winner – Riche (Justin R)

Prize #11 – GO PRO HD Motorsports Hero w/ Roll Bar Mount Kit
Winner – dazed (Brad W)

Prize #12 – 16 – Lawson Industries Insynerator Muffler
Winners – iownall (Zachary M), KelseyNicole (Kelsey F), MustangArizona05 (Stephanie S), elmer27 (Elmer A) & miamaggie (Margaret I)

Prize #17 – 21 – Lawson Industries Bullit Muffler
Winners – Quattrobenzbeamer (Angelo H), Wolfe (Robert W), ryno_21_1987 (Brandon H), Levi (Levi) & martinvera91 (Martin V)

Prize #22 – 31 – ENEOS Sustina Synthetic Motor Oil (Case)
Winners – wch0303 (Bill H), sillelin (Linda E), wussy11 (Bridget B), scubapop01 (Tom S), meed_59 (David M), frankg65 (Frank G), JD4speed (Jon D), jatchison (Jeremy A), blumonster (Ahmed) & bigt_1960 (Timothy C)

Congrats to everyone who won!

If you didn’t win this round, stay tuned for future contests! We’ve heard from many people that coilovers or tires could make some great prizes šŸ˜‰ If you haven’t yet registered, visit

We’ll be getting a hold of contest winners by phone or email within the next 5 days. You’ll have 10 days to return our call or email and claim your prize. After we get a hold of you to confirm your details, you will need to answer a skill testing question. Once the question is answered correctly, we’ll be notifying the sponsor to ship you your prize!

If any prizes go unclaimed after 10 days, or if anyone fails to answer the skill testing questions or meet the elegibility rules, certain prizes may be re-drawn.

Please join me in thanking all of our sponsors for providing these great prizes for the contest! These are the companies that truely fuel our passion! We’re working with you, and with them to bring you an automotive community where you can connect with fellow racers, tuners and manufacturers. A place where we can all be entertained, and where we can learn and push the boundaries of performance tuning and vehicle style!

Thanks everyone for your support, and we hope to see you all online at!

The AutoInjected Team
Thrill of Speed. Love of Style.

3 Responses to And the Gear Head Contest Winners Are…

  1. Angelo Habib says:

    Thank you I’d also like to thank Lawson Industries can’t wait to get that bullit muffler welded on .

  2. hot geeky girls says:

    Your information Helped me Thanks you Much

  3. T.Peddy says:

    I am a gear head and enjoying this blog

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